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Flavour of the Month – Act

Feb 12, 2017 | Blog, Flavor Of The Month

Thebemed Wellness Cafe’

Flavour of the Month – All Green Actions Count

We can all make a positive gesture by looking after our environment.

Every heart-felt expression of care enriches one’s consciousness.


Earth, day, plant.


“Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we cannot eat money!”, words attributed to a speech given in 1854 by Chief Seattle, a North American Indian.

You may have also heard the saying: ‘You change the world one person at a time.’ Each one of us can make a difference by taking control of our immediate environment, home, and  work spaces.  Whilst your action may not have a fundamental impact on the global problem, it has the all-important effect of building your own personal consciousness. It is about the quality of inner richness that you experience by living according to what you value most.

‘Recycling’ is probably one of the easiest ways to start ‘going green’; both at the office and at home. Paper, glass, tin and plastic can all be easily recycled with little effort. Simply keep these items in a separate bag and put them out with the rubbish on collection day, and the ‘Trolley men’ will collect. We are all familiar with those men pulling trolleys along the road, stacked high with ‘rubbish’. The next time you see them, do think twice before becoming annoyed at  their rifling through your bins, or taking up road space. They are actually doing the valuable job of recycling that most town councils simply do not have the resources to do. In a strange way they are real advocates of environmental wellness. Explore their surprising story here:

South Africa’s Trolley Men

How about growing a few herbs and vegetables. Even if you do not have large garden space, sunny windowsills and balconies will do very nicely. There is something special about growing your own food. Fresh basil, parsley and mint to add to your salads. Small tomatoes grow so easily and are simply delicious when eaten off the vine! If you have patio space to grow a pot of  climbing green beans, you will be rewarded with nutritious beans and a beautiful display of red flowers. You may even become so enthusiastic that you start collecting your kitchen waste to make compost.  Look at this web site to learn how to make your own compost.

Grow Compost


If you have a home with a garden you can install water butts, or tanks in which to collect rain for watering. This will reduce your water bill, be helpful in times of drought, and would be a great step in the direction of going green and loving your environment.

These are, of course, only a few simple ideas. Do explore the internet – it is full of practical suggestions.

As you start practicing these ‘green’ things you may become intrigued by the ‘livingness’ that you create around yourself.

It is good to start small, and  as your knowledge and insights grow you will be be able to embrace nature and the planet more fully. Ultimately the journey of humankind includes realising that we are not separate from nature, but indeed we are part of it. With this awareness we will then experience a growing sense of urgency to align our actions and behaviours to this deep insight.

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