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Gatvol of Covid-19 and everything with it?

Jun 8, 2020 | Blog, Flavor Of The Month, The Juice, Thebemed, Wellness Cafe

Thebemed Wellness Cafe’

Thebemed - GATVOL of COVID-19?

Starting to feel rebellious?

Face it – you can only take so much – the stress of ‘lockdown’ pushes us all to the limit.

Physical and mental stress can lead to burnout. That’s when you feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained – you just can’t meet the constant demands.

Becoming rebellious? Sure – you’re doing extra work at home and looking after everyone else (often without any support); but there’s no fun stuff like gym, the restaurant, cinema, having a drink with your friends.

And you need to respond to those never-ending e-mails – on the moment.

Or your spouse has gone back to work. Now you have your own work and all the home duties. You can’t leave your work ‘at the door’ – there’s no door! So you’re permanently ‘switched on’.

You’re missing your office colleagues (Zoom-sessions are too intense) and also the relaxed social time with your friends at the weekends – like simply hanging out.

Here’s how you can better manage to keep healthy and sane. Apart from sleeping, exercising, and eating right, and having a go-to relaxation technique.

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