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Focus on your heart, breathe in for 4 secs, out for 4 secs. Repeat 10 times.

This is the simplest, and probably most accessible stress control technique; you don’t even have to learn anything new. You just must ‘do’ it – sure to help every time!

To supercharge the effectiveness of this breathing technique, add the emotional state of appreciation. Think of something for which you are deeply appreciative. While you continue the rhythmic breathing, let this feeling fill your whole body, and stay with that experience for as long as it feels comfortable. It is almost magical the way the stress will ease and you will feel calmer and more coherent.

This is the HeartMath, ‘Quick coherence technique’. You can find more information on the HeartMath website.

Click here: https://www.heartmath.org/resources/heartmath-tools/quick-coherence-technique-for-adults/