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Creative Turnaround

Creative Turnaround

Books: Creative turnaround – advice and inspiration. A Free e-book from Creative Life. Lovely stimulating and easy to apply recommendations to enrich your creativity. Find this e-Book HERE

Bad Habits – Break Free!

Stuck in old ways that don’t serve you? Take time to awaken your creativity and find a new way. Sometimes the usual way of doing things can get in the way of seeing new solutions. You will recognise a bad habit when the things you used to do so well, no longer seem to...

Longing for connection is real

In a deeply connected and engaged space you will be able to liberate everyone’s creativity. You know how different and exciting it feels when go with friends to a live concert, as opposed to listening to a recording. It is all about the ‘vibe’. So what...

You a Couch Potatoe?

No! – boost your self-worth by experimenting with new ways of eating and exercising. The story goes that the longest journey begins with the first step, which is why YOU can begin anywhere. Don’t be overwhelmed by feeling you suddenly need to turn your whole...