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October Flavour Of The Month – Breast Care

Oct 13, 2016 | Blog, Emotional, Exercise, Flavor Of The Month, Mental Wellbeing, Nutrition

Thebemed Wellness Cafe’

Caring for your breasts is essential to the wellbeing of men and women alike.

Many people are unaware that men also get breast cancer. Although the occurrence is rare, sadly the likelyhood of it been fatal is much higher in men. The reason for this is lack of early detection. Men tend to be unaware that a lump under the nipple, changes in the nipple, or breast sensitivity may indicate cancer. As a result they do not go to the doctor until the discomfort becomes disturbing. So men please do check your breasts. Check out the website ‘His Breast Cancer’. http://hisbreastcancer.org/


In both men and women there is no such thing as a normal breast as each breast has its own unique shape and texture. For women there may also be changes in sensitivity, tenderness and density at different times during the month. Since each person’s breasts are unique it is important that you are familiar with the subtleties of your own breasts so that you are able to pick up change as soon as they occur.

Women look at this you tube video showing you how to check your breasts: https://youtu.be/MQKOA6TOHRA

If you would prefer to read how to do the self-examination explore this website: http://www.raynebreastcare.co.za/web/management_self_breast_exam.asp

And for men this website: http://hisbreastcancer.org/information-about-male-breast-cancer.html

Correct fit of your bra

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This is because so many women have never experienced wearing a well-fitting bra. As a result they tend to be unaware that they could be having a better ‘bra’ experience. If your bra straps slip off your shoulders, the bra band rides up your back, or you simply can’t wait to get home to take it off, you may unknowingly be one of the 80%

It not only an issue of comfort but wrong bra size may the cause of many problems including back, neck and shoulder pain. When a bra fits correctly the straps should only carry 20% of the breast weight and the band should do most of the work by uplifting the breasts and supporting the other 80%.  Maybe you need to reach for a pretty new bra rather than a pain killer.

Follow the link to work out your correct bra size: http://www.lovable.com.au/get-fitted-lovable/bra-fitting-101/bra-size-calculator

Also if your bra size is wrong breast tissue may migrate to the arm pit or even your back. It’s a  scary thought that some of your breast may be hiding somewhere other than in your bra. There are some good pics and solutions in this video: http://www.venusianglow.com/2009/09/get-rid-of-armpit-rolls-in-5-seconds.html

Wrong bra size can also cause sagging breasts and uneven shape changes. Do watch the video above in order to calculate your correct bra size – or ask an expert for advice.

Over a women’s lifetime her breasts will change as her body goes through its normal changes from teenager, to mother, to grandma. Also there may be ups and downs with weight so it is a good idea to check your bra size annually.

Don’t put up with bra discomfort – go get the right fitting bra!


Breast enhancement

AdobeStock_81259343_WMBoobs, knockers, the girls, jugs, melons, whatever you want to call them, men and women are fascinated with breast shape and size. The female breast wields amazing power to, on the one hand, manipulate even the most disciplined of me;, just a little jiggle can make mens knees wobble. On the other hand breasts are the most feminine symbol of nurturance. Overhearing any ‘girly’ conversation about breasts you are likely to hear a torrid of complaints about size and shape. The surveys carried out by women’s magazines like Elle and Fair Lady confirm this general dissatisfaction. Although there are innumerable examples of women’s lives changing for the good when they have undergone operations to obtain their idea of perfection, there are also many incidents of these operations going wrong. In light of this, if you are considering surgery, do your research thoroughly and ensure you check out the surgeon’s credentials and reputation. Maybe even visit a few different surgeons.

Here is a lovely blog as a women reflects on her changing appreciation of her breasts: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/starre-vartan/my-advice-to-young-women-_b_3632974.html

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