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Get outdoors

Sep 26, 2017 | Exercise

Thebemed Wellness Cafe’

Get outdoors – visit a farmers market this weekend – tasty food, space for the kids to run.

Farmers markets usually have a fun–filled, almost festive atmosphere, so they are great places for family outings, and even to meet friends.

Many kids do not know much about what happens on a farm where the food they eat is grown and reared, they think it just comes from the supermarket. So visiting a Farmers Market is a great opportunity for them to chat to the farmer and learn more about the quality of the food they are eating. Click the links below


Bryanston organic Market

Address: 40 Culross Road (off Main Road),

Bryanston, Johannesburg


Jozi Real Food Market

Address: Pirates Sports Club, 25 Braeside Road, Greenside

2193 Johannesburg, Gauteng

Phone: 083 532 2992 or 011 327 7043



Hazelwood Food Market

Address: Greenlyn Village Centre, Cnr Thomas Edison & Mackenzie, 0081 Pretoria

Phone: 0785937716


Pretoria Boeremark

Address: 665 Moreleta St, Silverton, 0184, Pretoria

Phone: +27 79 987 1025


Cape Town

There are numerous farmers market in the Cape. Have a look at this directory to find one near you.



The Morning Trade

Address: 5 Station Drive (The Plant), 4001 Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


Explore this website for markets in Durban and North Coast


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